Win $100K - How to Play

1 Guess the final bidding price for any property on See Properties.
2 You can change your guess at any time before the bidding starts.
3 Guess 10 correct final bids in a row and win $100,000.00.

How to Play

Welcome to BidOnTheCity's "Guess 10 for $100k" - a fun game that puts your knowledge about real estate prices to the ultimate test. The objective of the game is to guess the final bids for 10 properties in a row. If you do, you will receive $100,000.00.

Sure you know real estate - but can you make the right call on what somebody is willing to pay for buy or rent in the city or in Hamptons?

Just choose the properties that are available for bidding, register and enter your guess. Change it anytime prior to the time the bidding starts and get your results online, via e-mail or on your cell phone.

Play the game

Following a simple registration, (Register Now), click on "Guess the Bid" icon in the properties of your choosing. Enter the number that you think will represent the final bid. You can change that number as many times as you are pleased up until the bidding starts. You can place guess for as many properties as you want. Once the bidding for a property begins, you will NOT be permitted to make any changes to your guess for that property.

Only properties with active bids are eligible for the game (i.e., if the property had 0 bids, it isn't counted). Your guess shall ALWAYS be different than the starting bid for the property. In the event a property that you selected did not have any active bids or the bidding has been cancelled (for any reason), that property will not be counted as part of the game.

Oh, yes, timing. The game ends on Dec 31, 1969. You must make all 10 correct guesses in a ROW by Dec 31, 1969 to claim the $100,000 prize.

So, are you ready to put your real estate expertise on the line? Place your guesses now.