5 Easy Steps to Selling

Bid on the City's patented online bidding platform helps you sell your property quickly and efficiently. Here is how you can get the best price and sell your home in 30 days.

Selling Sell in 30 days!
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Register with BidOnTheCity.com to obtain your Free and No Obligation Sales Proposal Package. Review Proposed Local and Global Marketing and open house schedule.
Review and Approve Standard Contract of Sale. Sign Shortest-Term Seller Listing Agreement (if you are selling by yourself) or Broker Listing Agreement (if you are already represented by a broker).
List your property with BidOnTheCity.com for 30 days. Property is extensively advertised and promoted worldwide.
Prequalified member-only buyers compete to purchase your property. The contract goes to the buyer who offered the highest price.
The winning buyer signs the Contract that you previously approved and gives Down Payment. The closing date and conditions of the closing are specified in the contract. Register now.